Day 350 – Wow

When I started this challenge I decided the best way to break it down was to do it chunks of 50 days at a time.

I got to 50 days, and thought well maybe I will get to 100, then 150 came and went followed by 200, 250 and then 300, at this point I started to think I might actually do this, but I knew the next portion was going to be tough, and it was.

Now I have got to day 350, that means no more chunks of 50 days left, only a few days left the end really is in sight, in fact I know I have 3 Fridays left which really isn’t many.

Another milestone today was that I have now done over 150 extra miles, not really sure if I should celebrate that fact or be angry that I have done more than needed!

In terms of this evenings run, I did a road run which was really relaxing, not too hard but hard enough.

Miles Today: 3.31 (5.33km)
Miles Completed: 1247.68 (2007.94km)
Miles To Go: -152.68 (-245.74km)
Shoes: Saucony Omni Grid 10

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