Day 355 – Chilly

It was cold tonight, in fact it’s that cold the heating has come on in my house, so much for an indian summer!

I was surprised how cold it was tonight, yes I had a long sleeve shirt on again, but half way round I was wondering whether long bottoms and gloves might have been a better option, I really must be going soft. Although I have to say it was cold on the train on the way home tonight so maybe everywhere is cold, perhaps the next ice age has started already?

My actual run tonight was another loop of the village and it just came and went, nothing of any interest happened and to be honest apart the guy with the dogs who stopped to let me past I didn’t see anyone else.

I am starting to think my additional goal of getting to 1300 miles may be a bit optimistic as I have 10 days to go and need to do 34 miles, even if I do a couple of longer runs at the weekend I am not certain of doing it, and I am not going to start doing extra long runs just to do it, it might sound a bit lazy but after this many days I don’t care.

Miles Today: 3.13 (5.03km)
Miles Completed: 1266.00 (2037.43km)
Miles To Go: -171.00 (-275.23km)
Shoes: Saucony Omni Grid 10

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