Day 357 – So, We Meet At Last…

James and Andy, somehow doesn’t have the same ring as Mr Bond, but hey James Bond never ran like these two. Yesterday I finally got to meet up with James and Andy and go for a run. It might have taken nearly a year but it was worth it.

We went for a run around Hyde PArk and then retired to re-hydrate at a local bar. It was interesting to talk to guys who have actually done the challenge and then gone on to do far different things.

Both of these guys have a very infectious way of talking about future challenges and it would be very easy to decide to join them on some of their future escapades.

I don’t know what I will do after this year but I somehow feel James and Andy may influence it in some way!

If any of the guys doing this challenge get the chance to run with James and Andy, take it as they are good guys to talk to and will certainly provide you with some inspiration.

Miles Today: 3.98 (6.41km)
Miles Completed: 1273.11 (2048.87km)
Miles To Go: -178.11 (-286.67km)
Shoes: Saucony Omni 10

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