Day 358 – 7 More To Go

Today I did my first run in Hammersmith, and I managed to find a new running buddy to go with it.

I was joined today by Mr Ian Oldham, a rare treat I am told as he normally only runs a treadmill, well today he graduated to outside.

As I hadn’t planned a route I decided the best thing to do was to head down to the river, and then run alongside it for a while and then turn round and head back the way we came.

There were two noticeable things on the run today, firstly how rough and fast flowing the Thames was and secondly how many pubs there were on the route. It was a decent route and one I might do again a some point.

I now only have 7 more runs to do, and I am now checking my diary to see when to fit them in, currently Tuesday is looking dodgy, but I will find a way round it.

Miles Today: 3.39 (5.45km)
Miles Completed: 1276.50 (2054.32km)
Miles To Go: -181.50 (-292.12km)
Shoes: Saucony Omni Pro Grid 10

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