Day 359 – Sunny Running In The Woods

It was another sunny morning today and I went for a gentle off-road run with the wife, these runs give me a perfect opportunity to do the run at a slow pace which enables me to recover.

Yesterday I did a faster run and then went climbing in the evening and so a gentle run today was great.

The route we did was one I have done a few times and is a good one, and it was th least muddy it has been for ages, shame it wasn’t like that all summer long really.

In my search to get to 1300 miles I need to do 20 miles in 6 days, thats 3.33 miles per day or for the metric ones amongst us it’s 5.36km. Now, I am wondering whether I should do a longer run tomorrow of 5 miles and that would leave me only 15 miles in 5 days and so would I would be sure to do it, I will see!

Miles Today: 3.50 (5.64km)
Miles Completed: 1280.00 (2059.96km)
Miles To Go: -185.00 (-297.76km)
Shoes: Saloman XA Pro 3D Ultra 2

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