Day 362 – The Head Torch Is Back!

Due to a team lunch and Watford being at home this evening I did my run this morning, when I say this morning I should say early this morning, in fact it was 5:43 when I went out.

There are a couple points I should make about this morning, firstly it was dark, so dark in fact I got my head torch out and the hi-viz vest and secondly it was cold, much colder than I thought so I was glad of the long sleeved t-shirt but the shorts might have been a bad idea!

So other than the dark and the cold the run was basically a slow run round the village, slow due to the dark and cold and I was half asleep.

Tomorrow I am aiming for an easy evening run, let’s hope the plan works out!

Miles today: 3.12 (5.02km)
Miles Completed: 1292.72 (2080.43km)
Miles To Go: -197.72 (-318.23km)
Shoes: Saucony Omni Grid 10

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