Day 363 – It’s Cold (and dark)

The Saloman jacket and the long Ron Hill bottoms were out tonight as it was cold, in fact it was colder than I thought. I am sure this time last year hen I started out it was warm and sunny, not cold like this.

The run tonight was slow due to the cold and dark, plus I didn’t take my head torch so it was a case of running in the dark and being careful not to trip over!

I have only two days left of this challenge, and yet I am still not counting my chickens as you just never know what might happen.

One more small milestone today, I went over 200 extra miles for the challenge, an achievement of sorts as in reality it means I have run 200 more miles than I needed to!

Miles Today: 3.15 (5.07km)
Miles Completed: 1295.87 (2085.5km)
Miles To Go: -200.87 (-323.3km)
Shoes: Saucony Omni Grid 10

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