Today’s the day – the 1095miles club get its third completed member when Steve Morris does his final run later on. Having been there myself, I can attest for what a strange feeling it is… I remember being tempted to go out the next day and continue the streak but I’m glad I didn’t – I’d probably still be running two years later.

Andy and I had the chance to meet Steve last week for a drink – funny how we’ve all done the same challenge, had never met but had tonnes of talk about running to discuss. Who said it’s a lonely sport?

As Steve leaves today, so does our newest member Dominic Rees. Dom has decided that the blogging side of the challenge is not for him – as all those who’ve done it can attest, the daily blog is as much a slog as the runs at times, but being able to talk about the runs and proving you have done them by some form of GPS tracking is important to the challenge. When Andy and I did 1095miles, we both had people variously doubting the veracity of the challenge even with the GPS proof – imagine if we didn’t have it.

Dom has decided to continue running on his own and leave the blog – it’s a shame but we wish him well. To Amanda, Aoife, Ben and David (and hopefully soon to a new member Paul Wray), all I can say is keep on running. You’re all doing an amazing job and myself, Andy and Steve all look forward to welcoming you as fellow members of the 1095 miles club when you complete the challenge.



  1. Steve says:

    Thanks James, it has been fun.

  2. Aoife says:

    Well Done Steve – you must feel very proud of yourself….and a little relief!