Day 178 – It’s Christmas!

When I tell people I am doing this mental challenge I always get asked 2 questions straightaway….’Every day??’   quickly followed by  ‘Even on Christmas Day??’.  So today was the day and I had such a great run that I have reminded myself why I am doing this … there is no way I would have run today if it hadn’t been for this challenge … I might have thought about it …but I doubt I would have actually got up early to do it.  In the end Rathmullan beach was the destination of choice…it was one of those beautiful winter mornings ..the sun was shining with a real nip in the air… the tide was on its way out and as I hit the beach I was relieved to find good hard sand underfoot …it really could not have got much better.  We as a family  have much to be thankful for this Christmas and I reflected on this as I ran across the beach and back.  Happy Christmas to all my fellow 1095milers – have a good one.

Miles today: 3.1
Miles completed: 586.8
Miles to go: 508.2
Days to go: 187
Shoes: Brooks Ravenna 3 (new for A/W 2012)


  1. Joe (aka Dad) says:

    Hi Aoife just saying I am so proud of you not only for your achievement in this challenge but also for your all round work and inspiration. Enjoy the Christmas and I hope that the wind will always be in your back during 2013 and onwards. x

  2. Claire says:

    Well done from Australia xx

  3. Paula Molloy says:

    Aw sounds just perfect our chief…..good for you!!! :)

  4. Amandag says:

    Merry Christmas to you!