Day 201

02/22/2013 – 11:25p Garner, NC USA

I was riding home from work today thinking about my run. It was cold and raining. Mother and Ronnie were at my house as they drove from the beach to visit for the weekend. Melanie was home too. There were 4 huge boxes on the front porch.

My 850 wagon’s cooling fan runs for 5 minutes when you turn the car off. I was out hitting the road for my run before it quit. I ran straight out the front door and didn’t worry about the hills, now as I type my knee is killing me. I think Sister Amanda was right about my need to run a flat course.

I came back and opened the boxes on the front porch. Baby furniture shipped in from California. Assembly required. Dave if you read this. I need your help tomorrow.

Ronnie asked me about the challenge, and how I keep going every day. If you knew me you would ask too. I thought for only a split second and answered. It’s only one day.

Miles Today: 3.00
Challenge Miles Completed: 603
Challenge Miles remaining: 492
Shoes: Brooks Adrenaline – Blue/Grey
Ipod – ESPN Fantasy Baseball Podcast

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