Days 211 – 219

03/14/2013 – 07:55p Garner, NC USA

438 more miles and 146 days. My body is doing better. More stretching and running a route with no hills has helped. The knee pain is not completely gone, but it is better.

The clocks were turned ahead Saturday night. The extra hour of day light, nicer weather, and anticipation of Spring is motivating. I have been listening to the Baseball Tonight Podcast while I run. It’s a great time of the year. NHL is in full swing, College Hoops Tment time and Spring Baseball Camps are about to break.

I’m in a groove and the days are flying by. You can’t get this feeling from a bottle.

Miles Today: 3.00
Challenge Miles Completed: 657
Challenge Miles remaining: 438
Shoes: Brooks Adrenaline – Blue/Grey
Ipod – Baseball Tonight Pod Cast

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