223 – 234

03/29/2013 10:25p Garner, NC USA

Last week I had friends in town and we stayed out near where Amanda lives. As you can see on the map, my runs were in Clayton, NC Friday and Saturday. It was 3 of the most difficult runs yet on the challenge as we carried on till all hours watching the NCAA Tournament and arguring about fantasy sports.

This week my runs have been good. Melanie has been home resting. The baby is due on May 19th. A friend once told me how amazing it is to feel your baby kick through your wifes stomach. He was right.

Today, the Endomondo App was completely off. I think that I have complained before about the accuracy, but today was just silly. I started my run up at the front of the neighborhood where it’s flat. It is the area I have been running for what must be over a month now. Well 4 minutes into the run it was saying I had completed a mile. I knew that it was “0” when I looked at it and hit start, so I coud not understand what was happening. When I got home I examined the GPS map, and the first mile has me zig-zagging all over the golf course. Well that was not my route. I ran the extra time to ensure I got my 3 miles in, and the GPS stopped somewhere close to 4 miles, but trust me. It was only 3.

Miles Today: 3.00
Challenge Miles Completed: 702
Challenge Miles remaining: 393
Shoes: Brooks Adrenaline – Blue/Grey
Ipod – Baseball Fantasy Focus

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