Day 190 – Running with Zack

The ‘in-laws’ have a dog. A large German Shepherd to be exact and he loves to exercise. I took him with me today and we ran 1.5 miles up the forest road before turning back. Two lessons learnt. Zack now knows not to keep stopping and this results in a sharp tug to the lead and my almost falling over. I learnt the this dog has no brakes and on the downhill return he likes to go fast :-)

  • Miles today: 3.01
  • Miles completed: 701.47
  • Miles to go: 393.53
  • Days to go: 175
  • Shoes: Nike Lunarfly+ 3 Goretex Waterproof
  • iPod: Day by Day Armageddon – J L Bourne

I am raising money for the RNLI, Royal British Legion, Multiple Sclerosis Society and the A21 Campaign so please visit this link and sponsor me :-)

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