Day 191 – Playing Land Rover

The ‘in-laws’ also have an ex-army Norwegian Series 3 109 inch Land Rover. This beastie is ace! lots of miltary mods and LHD to boot. We fixed the throttle and flushed the brake fluid. Still to do is the speedo cable, some dash lights and a blowing exhaust. The tyres are split due to lack of use so are having to put winter tyres back on for a while. Had my first drive and it was fun to have the controls on the wrong side 😉 Ran late today with Zack out and back on the road – it was icy but taking those bits slowly meant I was OK.

  • Miles today: 3.03
  • Miles completed: 704.5
  • Miles to go: 390.5
  • Days to go: 174
  • Shoes: Nike Lunarfly+ 3 Goretex Waterproof
  • iPod: Day by Day Armageddon – J L Bourne

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