Day 349 -morning jog in Spain

Knowing that I wasnt going to get home until well after midnight I knew that I had to run early before checking out and going to the office.  When I work up I felt really tired after a really long day yesterday  – it was definitely one of those mornings when I groaned and felt like rolling over and ignoring the fact that I needed to run…I even thought about about how I could squeeze a run in later in the day …between finishing at client and going to the airport ….or in the airport …. or even could i leave it until after I arrived home…luckily I got up  – it was a lovely sunny morning  – it was  a little slow  but good steady 3 miles.  I even saw a  shell marker on the road which marks the Camino De Santiago  – it must be the route that leaves Barcelona towards Santiago  – I did the Camino back in 2001 so it was great to see and think that I may have ran a very small part of the Camino out of Barcelona!

Arrived home in Belfast just at about 4am  – so glad I had done my run for that day!

  • Miles today: 3.0
  • Miles completed: 1151.1
  • Miles to go: (56.1)
  • Days to go: 16
  • Shoes: Adidas Boost

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