Day 355 – Running after random man..

Not as bad as it sounds ,…but a true sign of how the ‘every day for a year’ is testing me.  I decided to run just circuits around the short 2 bridges but after a loop this man came out of the towpath and started running in front  of me   – he was doing a  decent pace so I decided to follow him …thinking it would be good motivation for keeping me going a bit faster ….then he started to slow down  – so was then a different challenge  – to get my pace right so I didn’t get too close … then he stopped …I nearly ran into him but managed to avoid a collision and run on … if he only knew  – i wondered if he stopped cause he could hear me running behind him and I was pissing him off  – anyway my unaware running buddy for half a mile was no good to me anymore …finished the 3.1 miles all on my own…yes …yes I am crazy.
  • Miles today: 3.1
  • Miles completed: 1174.2
  • Miles to go: (79.2)
  • Days to go: 10
  • Shoes: Adidas Boost


  1. Amandag says:

    HA! Imagine if it was the other way around….like WTF is this person following me for. Good blog!