Day 362 – 365 The Finish

Well that’s it i have finally finished this tough challenge, i knew it would be hard but i did not think it would be this hard, mentally it has been the hardest thing i have ever done, i have trained and ran 5 marathons but it does not compare to this. Did i enjoy it no am i glad i have done it yes. The final 3 mile run was the most enjoyable run i have ever done because my 8 year old son Isacc did the full 3 miles with me he was true to his word and said he wanted to do the last run with me. I would like to thank all my family and friends for their continued support through this last year i would not have done this without them. I will comeback and write more when i get some more time, i send my best wishes to those that are still doing the challenge and also those that intend doing the challenge. I will be raising money for my sons football team Blackpool Rangers under 9s for much needed kit and equipment take care Dave
miles today 3.00
miles completed 1266.75
days to go _none
shoes nike


  1. Amandag says:

    Great job! I knew that you faced some challenges and continued through! Nice work.

  2. James Ellis says:

    Well done David… and welcome to the club.