Day 4: You alright fat lad!!

Well an interesting run tonight went on my usual 4 mile run that I haven’t done for a while!! I was running fine until the 3 mile mark and then my legs suddenly felt like lead. I slowed up, carried on, sped up still felt terrible. I had to make sure I finished my 4 miler anyway the glorious view of Grove rugby club loomed on the horizon and I was at 3.75 miles and training was about to start so i thought I’d run by say hi to a few of the lads I used to play with and pick up a prize I had won at a recent race night (more on that in a mo) as I ran past I picked up my pace (by now at 3.95 miles) and one of my friends said you alright fat lad which did make me chuckle and is all part of the friendships that are formed inside rugby clubs(its called bullying). I picked up my prize from the bar(no alcohol!!) and had some water to much amusement the bar manager went to get my prize, after lots of giggling they gave it to me a cut and blow dry finish at a local hairdresser. There are 2 funny points on this, the first is I am a “baldy” and secondly my wife is a very talented hairdresser!!!

Miles today: 4
Total Miles: 14
Miles to go: 1081
Shoes: Asics Gel 1160 (starting to run out any suggestions welcome!!)

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