Day 7: Hills and trail after the night before!!

We went to Swanage last night and had fish and chips by the beach, really good fish and chips!! after returning to campsite I decided to tuck into a couple of beers telling myself that I had to run so to take it easy!! Well needless to say I failed and had a lot now people who know me understand that I do like a drink now and again and suffer from a lack of willpower! That said I was up early and psyched myself up for a run, we are camped in a valley overshadowed by a large hill which yesterday I foolishly announced that “I was going to run up that big hill”. Well to cut a long story short I ran up it and halfway up(about 0.3 of a mile) I really, really wished I hadn’t anyway I struggled to the top where I took a well earned rest and waved to the family below I then ran across the top of the hill and back down. This is where the really enjoyable part of the run started, I haven’t done a lot a trail running (but I will be doing more) and wondered what Steve Morris was talking about when he said he really enjoyed it!!! I had a blast running through the woods avoiding fallen trees, boggy patches and stones etc!!! I will be finding some routes local to home first time in ages that I can say that I enjoyed myself whilst running.

Miles today:3
Miles completed:23
Miles to go:1072
Shoes: Asics Gel 1160

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