Day 71, 72, 73, 74

Yesterday I received a text from Cole to make sure Makenzie runs in the morning. I knew that meant. He was going to propose :) It was her birthday and all. I am not good at keeping a surprise secret, but the whole 3 miles….I talked about nothing but curriculum.
About an hour later, I picked up Makenzie for work and she was wearing the most beautiful ring and a great big smile.





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  1. danesha says:

    hi mrs.gosek ! tell mrs.Manard im so happy for her reading this but a smile on my face im so happy for her !how you been doing? so far so so good im’ma gonna have to come see you and mrs.Manard one day oh my goshh im so happy ! mrs.gosek when you think ypur boyfriend going to pop the question? i forgot him name i have to reamber a lot of stuff now!my math teacher is Umm…. yeah i don’t like her she yell to much and give a headach but i got to get use to it well i talk with you later