Day 77: No idea how this happened but…

…it started yesterday evening, a niggling ache in my left foot that I could walk off after a few minutes. I was a little concerned about it but tried to just ignore it. I couldn’t do that this morning, however, when the pain woke me up. I wasn’t even able to put all of my (not insubstantial) weight on it. I slapped on some anti-inflammatory gel and then hobbled into work and proceeded to dose myself with ibuprofen. The idea of not being able to run today caused me to get a little emotional (sad as that is). I tried to remain hopeful though.

It improved a little as the day went on but it was still a little painful when I got home. I decided to go to the gym and run on a treadmill as it would be less impact on it and I could control the speed and go very slow. I made it through the 3 miles and I’m not in agony so fingers crossed it will continue to get better tomorrow. If I can keep running, it will be on a treadmill for the next few days…


Miles Today: 3.19
Miles Completed: 186.39
Miles To Go: 864
Shoes: Asics GT 3000

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