Day 95:Fridays I love em!!!

I forgot to talk about the wendyball training with the boys last night mainly because I am so far behind!! I have to say we have a lot of attitude in the team and its all bad at the moment and frankly its getting worse, they all know better and think that messing about and laughing is cool and being rude is ever so clever well actually its not its upsetting the better behaved more team focused lads and really pissing off all your coaches to the extent that they wont have any coaches if they carry on because we have all had enough. They are good lads in the main but have lost a bit of focus and the desire to win seems to have evaporated, they are accepting that they are not good enough and I will not accept that from anyone. In life anyone can be a winner with hard work, determination and sheer bloody mindedness we were all born to be winners you just have to keep trying, life will knock you down, you will have set backs but its not about how many times you fail its about how you come back from those set backs. Accepting second best and accepting defeat are things that just did not cross my mind on a sports pitch still don’t when I play. I have said to them winners never quit and quitters never win a hundred times but I think perhaps they are just quitters this story will be continued!!!

I love Fridays because I do, best day of the week for me as I don’t do weekends at work ever!!

Miles today:3
Miles completed:329
Miles to go:766
Shoes: Saucony Omni 12

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