Day 96: Today is actually Friday!!

As I was so far behind with my blogging that I have actually messed up the day I was on!! This is actually Friday and day 95 Thursday and 94 Wednesday!!! So as I was saying about Fridays I love em they are brilliant its the weekend and that means I get to do what I want…… or what Sharon tells me I have to do and thats after I have done Freddies wendyball on a Saturday and then Sams wendyball on Sunday, shopped, cooked tea and been a general dogsbody, actually thinking about it I prefer working!!!

Anyway my Garmin Ant stick seemed to break this week which is why I am so far behind with my blogs and I had no way to upload any of my runs!! That was until a new kind of hero came to the fore his name is Jeff, Jeffrey Wilkinson and he is a thoroughbred legend and not a bad runner to boot and had lent me his.

This leads me on to Garmin themselves and their customer service. My watch is still in warranty but the ANT stick device breaks quite easily and I wasn’t sure if it would be covered so I sent an email asking if it was and whether they could give me a price for a replacement. They replied very promptly giving me instructions on how to reinstall drivers which I tried and it still wouldn’t work, so I recontacted the Garmin customer service team who again responded very quickly and said they had dispatched me a new one. If i need to buy another running watch it will be a Garmin based on that service alone, I would definitely recommend them highly for great products and now great service.

I said in yesterday’s blog that I dont HAVE to work weekends this is true I do occasionally have to go in on a Saturday but I don’t actually work!! Short blog again as I have to do Sat/Sun/Mon to catch up which I will do tomorrow!

Miles today:3
Miles completed:332
Miles to go:763
Shoes:Saucony Omni 12

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