Day 99: Monday I rest my case….

Its becoming rather repetitive Mondays they just keep coming every 7 days like clockwork I swear its just to wind me up!! I at least only have a short journey to work nowadays which is bliss but I have had this cold for a week now and its starting to get me down as I really cant be arsed to run!!

Anyway I’ve been thinking about this blog and how difficult it is to keep it fresh ie not keep repeating the same thing. Writing a blog is hard mainly because it takes up a lot of time and when you have a busy life its very hard to fit it in, I am as I speak sat at the dining table at 10.45 at night catching up on Mondays blog on Wednesday night and I still have to make lunch boxes for the kids and myself, so you can see that time is a finite thing and there isn’t enough hours in the day!!

I am going to write a list of things that I want in life (I have thought about these honestly)
1:- World peace (not really just kidding) but I would like people to get on better especially the Welsh and the English
2:- I want my kids to be happy, I am proud of my kids but I am also hard on them as they need to learn respect for people around them.
3:- I want my wife to stop moaning(joking). I like swearing and I like leaving the toilet seat up and leaving my running stuff everywhere.
4:- I would like to eradicate petty jealousy in life, it seems to cause more angst and problems is it worth getting jealous because someone is better off, better looking, has a bigger house or tv etc the answer to me is no I really don’t care what other people do or have we can’t all be rich and successful(thats reserved for me) I personally won’t get myself into hock to keep up with other people if I cant afford it I cant afford it simples!!
5:-I wouldn’t mind having a hot tub time machine!!

What I really,really want I’ll tell you what I really really want is to be able to see the spice girls live!! I jest obviously although I do have a rather eclectic taste in music but I’ll bore you with that another night!

Miles today:3
Miles completed:341
Miles to go:74
Shoes:Saucony Omni 12

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