Day 167: Here it is I love the 6 Nations!!

So today is the start of the 6 Nations and a tough opener against the French in France and I awoke with a big sense of anticipation so planned the day to get to the Rugby club for Kick off!! No under 9’s football this morning boo! So I missed the weekly banter with the other parents but instead spent the morning in bed and then decided to do some baking with Poppy. We made a lemon drizzle cake which was amazing (even if we do say so ourselves!!) and I then prepared a curry for the evening.

Sharon’s cousin Simon joined me for my run this morning/early afternoon as he is training for a half marathon in April as well. So we set off and I thought it would be a good idea to run via the Rugby club and over to the airfield big mistake outside the club was under water!! So a turn round and a different route was chosen and we had a good natter on the way around all in all a good run, nice and slow to help with this pesky calf!! Cheers Si enjoyed it!!

Then came an afternoon at the club a great game which ended in glorious defeat for England who let the game get away to early but fought back magnificently to lead 24-19 with 4 mins to go, but the French being the French scored a great try to win the game at the death 24-26!! Gutted.

I arrived home very drunk and in big trouble sorry Sharon I am a bad man!

Miles today:3
Miles completed:560
Miles to go:535
Shoes: Saucony Omni 12

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