Day 171: Hump day done all down hill!!

I have started to think more about things that are important to me. I have spent much of my adult life playing sport all year round Rugby/wendyball in winter and then a summer of cricket and have always tried to be a team man playing within a team ethic and trying to implement tactics and training of coaches, although I have at times been a maverick where I have based my game on gut instinct sometimes this works sometimes it goes horribly wrong and you look like a complete fool. It comes down to confidence and self belief and this can be misconstrued as arrogance or cockiness, I am neither I am just plain brilliant!!

I was reading about Kevin Pietersen this week and his axing from the England team and from my point of view its a real shame as he is an exceptional talent and has scored more run for England than any other batsmen ( he is also one of my favourite players!!) but you at times have to conform, you have to be seen to be doing the right things for the team and as a senior player if he wasn’t doing that then perhaps it was time to cut him loose. The other argument is that are we the only nation to get rid of our best players too early was a better time to have given him until the next Ashes in 2015 and then he would of retired anyway. Precocious talent needs managing surely someone could manage his huge ego I feel that Flower, Cook and Prior got into an ego fight with Pietersen and lost and therefore were not prepared to work with him anymore. A real shame for English cricket at a real low period.

Oh my calf still hurts!!

Miles today: 3
Miles competed:572
Miles to go:523
Shoes: Saucony Omni 12

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