Day 173: Friday cross fit!

A really busy day at work today which thankfully finished on time, so it was home to order a new washing machine as ours packed up last week and my running kit stinks so we needed a new one!! I wanted to run early as we had a team cross fit session booked for the under 11’s at 19.30 at the local cross fit gym. I am really struggling with my calf muscle at the moment as one day it feels ok (well a little better!) and the next I can hardly run without severe pain and tonight was a painful run I’m not sure really how much more I can take!!

We arrived at the crossfit gym at 19.30 to be met by Phil who took control of the boys immediately and settled them into what they would be doing. I was really impressed with his coaching and the team really seemed to listen to him and we have received really good feedback from the parents about how much they all enjoyed the session so for anyone who wants to get fit in an interesting way then please see the following link. I would recommend this place highly for those who want to get fit!!!

On behalf of the team thanks Phil they really enjoyed it!

Miles today:3
Miles completed:578
Miles to go:517
Shoes: Saucony Omni 12

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