Day 174: I’m a lumberjack and I’m ok!!

I had promised my good friend Dave that I would help him today chop wood for his log burner after football. Football was off so I had a little lie in then went for a run the calf felt tight so took it easy for the first mile and as I turned a corner away in the distance I saw another runner it was John Newton on his way back from his run and he decided to join me for a couple of miles as he is training for the Liverpool marathon in May and needed to do 5 miles but was having a bit of a CBA moment but when he saw me he though he would tag along. I do enjoy running with other people and find it a bit more motivational when I do, we nattered on the way round and my pace naturally increased to about 9 min miles from 9.30 and didn’t think about my calf muscle!! I returned home and John continued around the block to complete his five miles cheers for the run bro!!

I showered and headed over to Dave’s to chop logs at Dave and Tracey small holding and had a really enjoyable afternoon swinging an axe and using proper boys toys in a chainsaw, although we did manage to break 2 axes and the chainsaw during the process!! I really enjoyed my afternoon upper body workout and successfully avoided hitting the logs into my shins but Dave managed it twice!!! The kids were at parties during the day so I managed to get back to watch England V Scotland and a great win on a terrible pitch if the scottish RFU can’t sort the pitch out the it should be played elsewhere!! Wales lost, actually got stuffed in every aspect and Mike Phillips then made himself look like a complete tool at the end(he is a tool anyway!) and then threatened a member of one direction to compound his churlish behaviour grow up you stupid man you are a role model!!

Miles today:3
Miles completed:581
Miles to go:514
Shoes: Saucony Omni 12

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