Day 175: Sunday and trouble for the appliance company!!

We had our washing machine delivered yesterday and Sharon asked me to unpack it while she had a shower, so I started to unpack it and very quickly realised that it was the wrong one they had sent us a top of the range, 12kg drum, steam cleaning, supermachine but in white now my beloved is a stickler for things some would say almost OCD about things so I shouted upstairs that it was wrong and she responded(knowing I like a good wind up!!) with very funny just get it fitted. Her tone soon changed when she realised that I wasn’t joking and then she phoned the appliance company…poor fools didn’t know what had hit them but they said we could keep that machine but it was too deep and would have sat out from the worktop by 40/50mm and Sharon wanted black!! They decided to arrange delivery for the next morning and that turned out to be the afternoon which we couldn’t do as we were going to my Mum and Dad’s so another irate but polite phone call to the customer service department who arranged for delivery and installation on Monday!! They better get it right or I fear for the poor chap at the end of the phone as Sharon is ruthless and I know from first hand experience a lot!

I ran this morning and was a bit pushed for time as we had to travel to my Mum and Dad’s for lunch so warmed up and set off the calf felt free of pain and stiffness so managed a reasonable pace all the time telling my self that I would pay for it tomorrow!!

Miles today: 3
Miles completed:584
Miles to go:511
Shoes: Saucony Omni 12

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