Day 177:is it time?

Today my frustration is overwhelming my leg felt fine yesterday and all day, but as soon as I went for a run it was hugely painful so I hobbled around my 3 miles then came home gave myself a massage and iced my calf!! It was really painful so I decided that I am going to give it one more week and if its no better then I will be forced to knock this on the head!!!

I have learnt over the years to stop being overly competitive about things, now don’t get me wrong I love to win but in life there will always be people that are better than you, more intelligent than you, better parents, wealthier etc etc so why compete why try and be better than them because thats what will make you miserable, by all means compete but allow yourself to understand that people are better than you and in a lot of cases massively superior to you in every way just accept it and move on. These are my own views and it makes me laugh when people can’t except that people are better than them, its time to grow up when you get to this point!!!

My point is that if I have to give up I will be gutted but this isn’t a competition it a challenge and a tough one if my body isn’t able to cope then thats my body not my mind I have done something that I never believed I would start let alone get to 6 months(well just short!!) but I will give it 7 more days!!

Miles today: 3
Miles completed: 590
Miles to go: 505
Shoes: Saucony Omni 12

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