Day 178: My princess is 6 and without doubt the best!!!

Poppy is 6 today and what a treasure she is. I had always wanted a little girl but after having 3 boys the chances were slim unlike me at the time!! So I decided to read a book about how to have a little girl!! imaginatively called “how to choose the sex of your baby” or from my perspective how to fleece gullable parents out of there hard earned cash!! For those of you that know me I am a confident outgoing fool who likes a drink and likes a smoke and doesn’t eat all that healthily( I believe that veg will be proved to be a mind control drug and that by eating it you become odd!!) so whilst reading this book and tutting away to myself and raising my eyelids and laughing at the suggestion of not drinking or smoking and eating veg I decided to give it a go!!

I gave up fags cut right down on my alcohol intake and ate mind control food!! When Sharon fell pregnant after a couple of months we went to the baby show in London and got a rather good deal on a 3d scan and decided to find out the sex of the baby then!! So just after 20 weeks we went with mother in laws to see the scan and we were told it was all girl!! I haven’t stopped smiling since she is everything a Dad could want in a little girl and has a wonderfully infectious personality even if a little bossy at times but that’s her mother in her!!

She turned 6 and is growing up fast, she is a clever bright girl who won’t take any crap from anybody and that’s the North way and if you don’t like us we don’t actually care because we are what we are and that my friends is brilliant!! I’ve got a t shirt to prove it!

Miles today:3
Miles completed: 593
Miles to go: 502
Shoes: Saucony Omni 12

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