Day 180: Love is…. running on Valentines day!!

So this is my 14th Valentines day with my beloved amazingly patient my wife! I went to work this morning and the conversation got around to what we had got our wives/girlfriends and taking a straw poll I was without doubt the most romantic bloke in my office but based on the straw poll the whole world!! Both the other managers had done nothing no cards/flowers etc

This is where I may cop some flack, Men think differently to women and in the majority of cases (obviously not mine as I’m officially the most romantic man in the world!!) Men are just buying to keep the wife/girlfriend happy as they know if they forget they are going to get some serious grief!! This week is a tricky one for me Poppy’s birthday on the 12th Valentines day and then my wedding anniversary on the 16th!! We had a lovely evening with a Waitrose meal by Heston (and no we didn’t get the Norovirus!!) which was pretty good and well worth £20!!!

Ran early and had a shower and then put on a nice shirt and jeans for dinner did my hair and prepared dinner while Sharon had a bath she then arrived downstairs for dinner in a onesie who said romance is dead!!

Miles today:3
Miles completed:599
Miles to go:496
Shoes: Saucony Omni 12

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