Day 182: 12 years i’m a saint!!

Today I proudly announce 12 years of marriage to THE most amazing woman I have met, seriously I can’t think of many reasons why she is with me, aprt from my devastating good looks, charm, charisma and my massive….belly. I met Sharon many years before we got together as she joined my parents company about 20 odd years ago and we always got on really well, infact the day she started we were on a course and I took her to the pub and we got drunk together, I was sacked by my Dad shortly afterwards(not because of taking a new member of staff on the piss!!) and I embarked on my career in construction. Sharon and I saw each other on regular basis as my parents would hold courses at their house and Sharon and all the other staff would be there, we always had a good giggle together but she was with someone and I was usually with someone, I say usually as I couldn’t keep a relationship for long as I was a bit mental and unstable back then and not a lot has changed!

About 14 years ago Sharon split up with her partner and was on a course at our house and I had recently moved back in but my Mum had kicked me out and seconded my bedroom for staff accommodation but I knew Sharon was going to be there so I popped in to “collect” something we chatted exchanged numbers and let the serious flirting commence!! They went out for a meal and I went to the pub but returned home after a few texts with Sharon to meet her and that was that 12 years of marriage 14 years together 2 houses, 3 kids some fantastic memories and many more to come I hope. She has turned into a great mother fiercely defensive of her brood and woe betide anyone who crosses the line with me or the kids, she is funny, kind and beautiful in equal measure and way out of my league but then again I have wealthy parents……

We have had a great marriage its had its ups and downs as all relationships do but we are stronger for it and will continue to be for a long time!

Miles today: 4
Miles completed:606
Miles to go:492
Shoes: Saucony Omni 12

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