1095miles.com – Day 226 ‘Farewell Garmin 310XT’

Run went well, and I went over some old ground from yesterday.

However, I thought I would share a few thoughts on the Garmin 310XT that I have had for the last 24 months.
Overall it has been a brilliant watch and the data it captures is very useful indeed.

Good points
Battery life has been 14 hours plus, Garmin Connect is good (not as good as Strava though), quick release between strap, TT bike and road bike is very very useful, accuracy is very good, residual value

Not so good points
Seems to take longer and longer to ‘see’ satellites on start up, bulky with the QR kit fitted, heavy compared to a 910XT

I am looking forward to using my new 910XT tomorrow (if Hermes get their sh1t together) :)

Miles today 3
Miles so far 781
Miles to run 314
Shoes adidas AdiZeros

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