Day 232: Recovery run!!

A few celebratory ciders down the Bay tree yesterday afternoon, with the runners and families unfortunately Sharon had to go to work which was a shame because as the best supporter on the course she was a bit gutted to have to work. We had a rehydration session which I am now convinced is the best way of recovery as cider replaces all the stuff sweated out by running!!

I woke fearing the worst but as I stepped out of bed nothing seemed to hurt, I was a little stiff in certain areas but that is always the same first thing in the morning!!! I then got ready for work and as I put on my sock I felt a real shooting pain in my toe after removing the sock to have a look I had a black toe with a blood blister right on the edge damned sore!!

I went for a really slow evening run with John Newton and we had a really good chat about the half marathon and we are both really chuffed with our times. Newts is running the Liverpool marathon in may so still has some mileage to put in where as I can now drop back to just 3 miles a day lush!! Good luck bro I’ll be thinking of you on those long training runs!!!

Miles today:3
Miles completed:775
Miles to go:320
Shoes: Saucony Omni 12

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