Day 234: Starting to feel energised

I felt a lot better today, not so tired and a little bit energised so I headed out to run a bit quicker than the last couple of evenings, anyway I was just starting to accelerate when flying round the corner came fellow 1095 miler Dave Haskett so we stopped and had a chat I have to say Dave you’re looking good and trim!! Keep trucking buddy!!

I then set off again and after a mile bumped into fellow under 9 parent Gary Rees so we had a natter about Sunday and I reminded him that he also said he would run the Grove half next year with me, I think he and Phil will but Mr Adam Lockhart who promised to not only run it but also roly poly over the finish line will bottle out. I have had a few more guys say they will run it Ash Lane was one and apparently looking after kids ( whilst watching a half ) is harder than running a half so Sarah Newton also challenged herself as she can’t actually know because she hasn’t run one and you can only base proper arguments on fact not speculation !!!

Miles today:3
Miles completed:781
Miles to go:314
Shoes: Saucony Omni 12

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