Day 237: Holiday time!!

We are off to Shropshire for a week or so with the Newtons so we will have a terrible time and the banter will be poor so will the eating and drinking!! I got up reasonably early to make amends for my ultimately lazy behaviour yesterday, kids breakfasted and tea in bed for Sharon sometimes I wake up grumpy and sometimes I let her sleep in!!

Went for the first of 10 days of running with John and we had a gentle run around the airfield and back to home then it was time to load the car with bags and kids and drive up to Shropshire, we left at 1pm and started the drive up to Johns uncle and aunts cottage near Shrewsbury a small village called more nr Bishops Castle, now in Bishops Castle there is a pub and in this pub they serve the finest Guinness I have tasted outside of Ireland, so after a long drive and a stop for dinner in the pub John and I had to get some bits from the local shop and happened to stumble into the pub for a pint, we then returned to the cottage for a few more than a few!!

I love it up here and always feel relaxed when we arrive, Poppy wrote a little diary and I am glad that she can’t spell Coke as it made me cry with laughter I love that girl so much!!!


Miles today:
Miles completed:790
Miles to go:305
Shoes: Saucony Omni 12

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  1. Kate Jerrum says:

    lol! I miss the days my son was that age. its just so cute the things they write