Day 239: A little jaded!!

A long day of drinking yesterday after a good afternoon watching football!! Today the sun was shining again so John and I sorted the kids and went out for a run. I felt a little jaded this morning after drinking lots of Lager/cider and shots but the sun was warming and the run was different so I couldn’t complain. We found another little road today and just ran up it it is always good running with Newts but I am conscious that I am a slower runner than him so today I decided to try and up the pace a little and we ran the 1st mile in 8:32 which is above my pace, the second mile in 8:18 which is still more my pace but closer to Johns and as I felt good and attacked the last hill hard we ran a 7:29 third mile which I was really pleased with!! Cooked a big curry tonight and drank a few Ciders, I was mocked on Facebook for drinking Strongbow citrus edge ( I like it!!) but I can’t find Thatchers Gold up here and if I could I’d be drinking that FACT!!

I would also like to congratulate all the runners who ran the London marathon yesterday you were truly awesome and inspiring and I have decided that 2015 I will run it whatever happens (ballot or charity) Dan the athlete ran an awesome 3:12(a legend!!) but everyone who runs and gets around it a hero to me well done!!

Today I have just past another milestone I have under 300 miles left, I still have 126 days to run so mileage is irrelevant but it is still a good feeling!!

Miles today:3
Miles completed:796
Miles to go:299
Shoes: Saucony Omni 12

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