Day 240: Poor Millie Moo!!!

It was a lovely day at the cottage and we were up reasonably early(well John and I were) So we got the kids breakfast. Millie who hadn’t been herself was popping up to the Dr’s in the local town to give a urine sample as requested by John and Sarah’s (and our! Doctor!) so Sarah took Millie moo up to the Dr’s who told her to go straight to Shrewsbury General as her urine sample showed possible diabetes.

This then started a chain reaction of events which I will tell you about over the next couple of blogs!! Sharon and I sorted the kids out and took the 5 remaining kids up to the park for a couple of hours to keep them amused and we had a great time running around the park!!

Sarah phoned Sharon and told her that Millie was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and they were on there way back to the JR in Oxford. So we returned to the cottage in a sombre mood but I decided to take Sammy and Joe for a run and pushed them hard with Joe recording a fantastic PB in 24:49 (its quite hilly so we did have a couple of very short stops but hell who’s counting) Great running buddy!!! We then had cheered up and when Joe put on his iPod and the song from the Lego movie “everything is awesome” I danced like a loon with the kids while Sharon videoed it and put it on bloody Facebook (what idiot post things on Facebook)

All was good in the cottage and a few beers and put all the kids to bed I had Freddie, Joe and Poppy with me and Sharon had Charlie in with her so a peaceful end to an emotional day but it was the calm before the storm eh Charlie!!!!

Miles today:3
Miles completed:799
Miles to go:296
Shoes: Saucony Omni 12

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