Day 241: Exciting day!!!

Well could the holiday get any more dramatic after yesterdays horrible news, we though not but we were soon to be proved wrong by the youngest member of our family!!

The older boys had got up and were playing various electronics downstairs so I went down and made a cup of tea for Sharon and then went back to my room to get Poppy up and the boys dressed, meanwhile Charlie had awoke in a chipper mood and was chatting and giggling away and started playing with Poppy by running up and down the corridor that separated the bedrooms and then in and out of Sammy’s bedroom and then I heard a crash and a scream followed by Poppy’s panicked voice!! Charlie ran to Aunty Shan and I ran across the hallway to check the damage I was greeted by and blood covered little face so we decided to take a little trip to Shrewsbury general ourselves!!!

This is where Sam was so grown up he had the younger members dressed teeth done and in the car within 15 mins and I patched Charlie up (first aid guru!!) and chucked him in the car with a bottle (mistake!!) I drove a little quick down the windy roads and about 5 miles from Shrewsbury Charlie threw up everywhere mainly on himself but a fair bit on Freddie!!! I abandoned Sharon and Charlie in the ambulance bay (not before I had a paramedic laugh at me for shaking Charlie dried sick off him!!) and took the other to Mcdonalds for breakfast!!!

It was at this point that Sarah phoned me as she was unable to get hold of Sharon, now we hadn’t told Sarah and John as they had enough to deal with so we decided to tell them once all sorted. So I thought about telling a little fib but I had to tell her the truth!!! We left the hospital and took Charlie to Mcdonalds and Toys R Us for being such a brave boy in the “hospital”.

John and I had discussed running up a very steep hill a couple of days before so I decided to run up it for “The Newtons” its the last time I do anything for them (like that!!) again I was nearly in bloody A&E but I ran almost all the way up collapsed on the floor and then ran back in a really fast time was very proud of myself for doing it but was also proud of my extended family and how they were coping!!

Miles today: 3 (up a big bastard hill!!)
Miles completed:802
Miles to go:293
Shoes: Saucony Omni 12

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