Day 1: Taking off the stabilisers

So today was the day that I committed to taking up the challenge. Having toyed with the idea for a few months I finally bit the bullet. Besides I had already told people I was doing it, there was no going back………. shame is a great motivator!

I took I nice simple route round one of the parks but boy was it humid, and my calves were still tight from BMF (British Military Fitness) the other day – not sure how I am going to fit the runs in with that. Working out how I am going to fit the runs in was pretty much on my mind the whole way round, guess that is part of the challenge and look forward to hints tips and motivational talks from the rest of the guys doing this. James Ellis has already impressed me with his ‘motivational’ style.

Today was not the first time I have run or taken up a stupid challenge but it was the first day of my challenge, it also the first day that a few young England players are given their first day of world cup football. And finally it is the first day I am taking my youngest down the park on his big boys bike. So all in all there’s a lot of people having their ‘stabilisers’ taken off. Let’s hope we all succeed and don’t fall off.

Day: 1

Miles Today: 3.18

Miles Completed: 3.18

Miles To Go: 1091.82

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