Day 2: Can’t get enough of your love

Now I’ve read a little bit about the effects music can have on an athlete and the general consensus has been get the right music for the right situation for the right person and all in all it can be positive. Still, some people choose not to listen to music when out running. If I am on my own I like to plug in the headphones and crack on through the streets……………. unless I am in some beautiful picturesque setting and just want to marvel at the wonder of nature. I’m sure I will have the chance to wax lyrical about something along those lines as this year unfolds.

Today was a normal run round one of the parks of Northampton so I plugged in and off I set. After having suspicions about the randomness of the ‘shuffle’ feature on my phone (seems to play the same songs all the time) I decided to unshuffle my music and just listen alphabetically. That way I could marvel at my varied and most excellent taste in music as I plod around, and be sure that I will at some point listen to every track saved to my phone as the running days go by.

What I hadn’t counted was that it would appear I have the odd one or two duplicates in my play lists. Trust me, having listened to Barry White, Can’t get enough of your love, 5 times in a row I was beginning to think back to the right music, situation, person statement and be inclined to agree even more. I was also thinking that I need to delete some of those duplicates, which on further inspection is going to take quite a while. You may also be thinking my music taste is also worth challenging. This 1095miles malarkey is throwing up all sorts of challenges!

Oh, and Happy Fathers Day.

Day: 2
Miles Today: 3.02
Miles Completed: 6.2
Miles To Go: 1088.8
Shoes: Asics GT 2000

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