Day 298: Running is cool except when its warm!!

I love this weather at the moment, warm balmy and just like being abroad!! Although running in it isn’t that great for a sweaty bloke. I get to about a mile in and feel the trickle start and no sweatband, bandana or hat will stop it, it starts as a trickle and ends up like a running tap.

I ran up a similar run to yesterday and took a different path at the 4 way junction and this time managed not to get lost, high five me!! I love running new routes even if I do get lost and the summer allows me to do this, the winter can be quite depressing as you have to run where light allows now I can run up to 10pm and its still light so lots of new routes until I finish in 67 days time!!

Miles today:3
Miles completed:966
Miles to go:129

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