Day 7 – Week 1 and I’ve just begun

The first milestone of what should be many is under my belt and it feels good. The calves were still tight but it would appear they are getting better. I just need to make sure I don’t try and get back to full speed too soon. I am really missing BMF though so hopefully this injury will be over soon.

Today was a lunchtime run, which normally I hate as I come back purple as a beetroot and sweating at my desk like a proverbial – but because I had to go slow it was actually quite nice. I was joined by two mates from work, Simon Big Bum (he puts the Short in Shorts) and Little Richard (he puts the talk in talkative) so we had a nice jog around in the sun and put the world to rights…… while taking the piss out Simon’s super short shorts, they were almost a thong.

The kids are now all in bed, Kate is out at work, so it is time to get on the foam roller and cause myself great pain while watching some crap action movie.

Day: 7

Miles Today: 3.85

Miles so far: 22

Miles to go: 1073

Shoes: Asics GT 2000

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