Day 8: A fete worse than death

Took Zac swimming training this morning, he never ceases to amaze me at how he knocks out length after length, hour after hour and come out with a smile on his face. His two hours made me think that what I was doing wasn’t anything in comparison. He is only 10 though and full over limitless energy. While he was training I went for my run and I tried to run with a smile on my face and you know what, I’m sure it made it easier and made the calves scream a little bit less.

I also did a 15 mins of yoga on the grass before and after and whilst I am stiff as a board and useless at it, doing it barefoot on the grass was actually really nice – I think I might be turning into a hippy!

After, it was the school fete. Whilst the kids love it and it raises good money for the school I dread it. Standing in the blazing sun, queuing up for sweets, cakes, face painting and the bouncy castle surrounded by 100s of kids, many of them whinging, including mine, is not the perfect way to spend the weekend – I think I might be turning into a grumpy old man too!

Day: 8
Miles Today: 3.5
Miles so far: 25.5
Miles to go: 1069.5
Trainers: Asics GT2000

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