Day 9: Baby we were born to run

‘Jumped’ out of bed this morning, quick stretch and went off running while eating an apple. Calves are still tight and I felt pretty lethargic, never really been a morning person! I really need to stagger around for a bit (few hours) before I wake up properly.

My eldest went off to Silverstone with his friend whose grandad races classic cars, how cool is that? Got to be the coolest grandad in the world. He had an excellent time, especially as he won.

Still reading ‘born to run’, what a great book. It does make me think that everything I thought about running and trainers is wrong and want to throw my Asics in the bin. It also makes me think that I can go out and run 100 miles in the wilderness so maybe it’s not completely on the money but I would recommend that anyone who enjoys running should read it.

Oh yeah, I’ve bought a rowing machine……. random.

Day: 9
Miles: 3.5
Total Miles: 29
Miles to go: 1066

One comment

  1. Kate Jerrum says:

    welcome to the challenge Nathan. I see you are reading born to run. you must read Eat & Run after by the same author, The journey of an ultramarathon runner, Scott Jurek. Keeps me going when I don’t feel like running. I just think if Scott can run over 100 miles get a grip woman you can run 3.
    Good luck with the running