Day 44: A vivid imagination

Great day at the beach followed by a nice swim in the pool followed by a trip to the Paseo for an ice cream.

Got back late and realised on the drive back how dark it was up on the hillside without any streetlamps. And then also realised I didn’t have a torch and there was no moonlight whatsoever.

Set off and within 10 metres my mind was playing tricks on me, can I hear footsteps behind me, what’s that rustling in the forest to my right, how close is that dog barking? Needless to say considering it was quite hot and hilly I was going at quite a pace. Legged it along the spooky cycleway and still believe there was a werewolf about to pounce out of the bushes and that vampire that was getting ever closer behind me was matching me stride for stride so I wouldn’t suspect him but I could hear his footsteps echoing behind me. I think he was wearing Asics.

Strode back up the hills, not shortening my stride and left those evil buggers behind me. Will be going in the mornings from now on!

Day 44
Miles 3
Miles so far 144.04
Miles to go 950.96
Trainers Asics Silver Bullets

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