Day 347 – Fashion fail!

I’ve generally really enjoyed the challenge but there have been some things that I haven’t liked!
Early morning runs
Running when ill
Trying to keep up with blogs
Running the same 3 mile route too much
Having to drag myself out when I really CBA
However, today I encountered another one of my 1095mile dislikes….the constant search for clean kit!! We have 3 kids so our washing machine takes a battering but as there are quite a few other jobs to be attended to with 5 in the household, the washing generally tends to build up. I have quite a lot of running gear but running every day means that there is often a search for some clean running gear, today being one of those days.
This led to a particularly awful running combo today of red shorts and a luminous yellow shirt! Needless to say I ran a bit quicker today as although I know running is more about comfort than fashion, I did feel particularly conscious of my dreadful fashion fail!!
Anyway, 3 miles done and another one on the final countdown!!

Miles Today : 3
Miles Completed : 1183
Days Left : 18
Shoes : Nike Zoom Streak 4

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