Day 344:Life is good

Seeing as I only have 4 Mondays of this challenge left and the 4th one will be my last day I didn’t seem to mind today also I had something to look forward to I was meeting Tony and Harry tonight, Harry lives in Australia and was a great friend during my teens and through my early 20’s and Tony was another good friend who was part of the group when growing up I had seen Tony earlier in the year when his brother Pete was over from Aus.

Harry and I were fairly silly characters when growing up (or not as the was usually the case!!) we spent a lot of time together drinking, riding motorbikes or drinking but never at the same time (or did we?). Harry was always the smooth debonair one whilst I was, well, shall we say a little rough round the edges now not much has changed in the 15 years since I last really sat and had a chat with him except he is now a bit chunkier than me.

I was driving Tony and Harry were drinking, we met in Old Amersham which is a lovely town near to where I was brought up. We soon settled into the old banter and piss take and had a splendid catch up talking about old times, kids and new times. I had a fantastic time and was really pleased to have caught up. We then decided to move pubs but being a Monday night it was a little quite so we wandered the near deserted streets of the town chatting when Harry reminded me that I had given him a bit of slap many many years ago (apparently for flirting with a girlfriend at the time!!) in the car park of the pub with a restaurant and that the car park was behind the pub but he couldn’t remember the name of it, now rather than feel bad, apologise or try to remember said incident my brain started to try and work out which pub it was and quickly responded “The George Great Missenden!! much to Harry’s mirth who thought that I could remember pubs but not fights!! So here it is “Harry I officially apologise for any damage caused to you and in fact striking you in any way and will next time attempt remorse for action taken 20 odd years ago!!”.

Harry was a great friend and spent a lot of time with him and didn’t realise how much I have missed our friendship until tonight “love you!!”

We ended up in a curry house and had a lovely meal and continued with the banter and regaling our youth which is quickly slipping away. He has 3 beautiful children as do I and I am hoping he will be home one day soon. I dropped Tony and Harry back to Tony’s place in Amersham and headed for home happy cheers chaps lets not leave it 15 years!!!


Miles today:3
Miles completed:1106
Miles to go:-11
Shoes: Asics GT3000

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