Day 346: Planning the final run!!

It turns out that I can think well sort of, A number of people have expressed an interest in running the last run with John and I but we are off to Liverpool to honour a promise to a fellow 1095 miler Stephen Marsden who started the challenge on the same day and is the root cause of us doing the challenge!!

As I said I have been thinking so I decided to organise a last run in our village followed by some drinks in the Rugby club, I set up an event on Facebook and have had a surprising response from some and a disappointing response from others!!! We have over 30 people attending some for the drinking and some for the running so if you are interested please come along to the rugby club we will run about 8pm for 3 miles and then retire for a social in the rugby club please come along as John and I are doing a small fundraising for charity John is collecting for The John Radcliffe charitable fund and I am collecting for cancer research which I asked Ben Nicholl who he would like me to raise for and this was his choice and I am proud to collect for him and others who are fighting cancer.
Here is my just giving page:

Jon's 1095 mile challenge/Oxford half marathon/- Your Pages – JustGiving.

Here is John’s:

John Newton is fundraising for Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals Charitable Funds.

Please give whatever you can a few pounds would be greatly appreciated by both of us and we have run everyday for nearly a year now!!!

Miles today:3
Miles completed:1112
Miles to go: -17
Shoes: Asics GT3000

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